A history that brings innovation.
We re-engineer ceramics to create state-of-the-art solutions and improve quality of life while respecting the environment.


The first H2Factory is reality.
We are shaping the future of ceramic industry.



We explore new horizons for the application of ceramic surfaces through pioneering solutions for a more sustainable world. We at Iris Ceramica Group are pioneers of innovation, sustainability and quality. The adoption of latest-generation machinery, continuous investments in Research and Development and a strict quality-control system guarantee our high production standards. Sustainability, innovation and excellent quality have always been the founding values inspiring the Group, and this is what we call ourselves Ecoinnovators, because our surfaces embody a profound value: to serve humans while fully respecting nature and the environment.


Active Surfaces®

Active Surfaces® natural materials combine science and design to improve people’s well-being in the spaces they live in. Active Surfaces® turn ceramic slabs into an eco-active material with four superior properties: antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning, certified to ISO standards. These materials can degrade bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), polluting particles and the molecules responsible for bad odours. The eco-active surface is also more resistant to dirt, making it easier to clean.



The innovative capacitive surface that enhances design functions beyond the imagination. Thanks to a concealed technology, simply by touching the slab, Hypertouch controls lights, HVAC and audio-video systems and windows, for maximum living comfort and increasingly smart home management. Easy to install and simple to maintain, Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of surfaces, eliminating unaesthetic switches and cover plates with a view to visual cleanliness and living comfort.



Design Your Slabs is the innovative technology that allows you to customize ceramic surfaces with any image or illustration. DYS is a complete, versatile on-demand decoration service patented by Iris Ceramica Group, making it possible to produce any kind of decoration on all the Group brands’ ceramic surfaces. The result is a unique customisation that turns ceramics into an authentic art form.



As in nature, the ceramic surface is stratified- using a cutting edge full-body technology - and becomes granitic. Solid as a rock, composed of natural minerals, using a green hydrogen production process, in 20mm thickness it withholds all its history and the elements from which life originates: water, fire and earth. And so a living surface is born, made from the same substance that the Plant, or indeed the Universe, is made from. A surface with a soul, the same sustainable soul that Iris Ceramica Group is renowned for: the fourth dimension embraces the Group’s values, impressed in the body of matter.



Attract is the innovative, sustainable dry magnetic laying system for the ceramic slabs of our brands. The modular system consists of ceramic slabs that are made magnetic, and reach the site ready to be laid to create a continuous horizontal or vertical surface, without the use of glues or supporting structures. The removal of each ceramic slab is also quick, easy and circular, without the need for demolition.

This revolutionary and patented solution that reinvents processes, bringing life to a regenerative product according to an integrated approach, has been developed by Granitech, our business unit that develops technical solutions.