Training Academy

Knowledge is an intangible, invaluable resource which today, due to the development of technology, can be circulated, shared and sometimes called into question at a speed unthinkable even just a few years ago.
The contemporary world is a hive of connectivity that involves and brings everyone closer together. People can now collaborate on joint projects regardless of their geographical location, with a continuous exchange of information and learning. Internal corporate training programs must conform to this new reality, superseding the rationale of set technical or managerial courses, to promote knowledge sharing. There is no single reference standard that defines the structure and purposes of a corporate Academy. Iris Ceramica Group has undertaken a commitment to define and make operational both physical and virtual locations for training events, primarily aimed at a useful exchange of ideas and skills.


Negotiation & Empowerment

NEGOTIATION & EMPOWERMENT by Arik Strulovitz, Scientific Director of the International School of Negotiation and part of a team of international negotiators specialising in crisis, high-risk and emergency negotiations.
The course is designed to provide a valuable opportunity to learn the principles, techniques and methodologies for the professional management of negotiations at all levels and under any circumstance.
Negotiation is a strategic language and form of communication for business change and development: it provides tools and methodologies to develop competencies by addressing, first-hand and as part of the Group’s guidelines, the Company’s internal and external challenges.
Negotiating professionally means being able to act quickly and accurately, optimizing the process, and thus saving money, time and emotional energy.
This requires listening attentively at all times, having effective communication skills, a strong propensity for problem solving and team building, good knowledge and mastery of emotions, through the use of emotional intelligence.


Let’s relax together

LET'S RELAX TOGETHER by Annalisa Ricchetti, life coach and naturopathist.
The course is aimed at the Group’s customer service to achieve greater emotional, respiratory and communicative awareness.
Proper breathing to perform activities well and improve stress-related issues, balance and voice modulation to communicate effectively and convey positive emotions: these are all essential tools to achieve energy and well-being on a personal level and maintain good relationships.


People Management

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT by Samantha Gamberini, consultant and trainer.
Aimed at factory managers, process managers and shift managers of the Iris Ceramica Group, the course aims to provide them with the tools they need to develop collaboration with their teams. Knowing that individuals are the decisive factor for the success of a company, it is essential to assess how they behave and to gain insight into the operation, dynamics and defining aspects of the work team.
Beginning with the individual characteristics and leadership styles adopted, 4 fundamental aspects of managing a team are examined, applying the theories to actual cases: everyday management of employees, increasing self-effectiveness, creating leadership and trust and managing crisis situations, in order to motivate people, create inclusive work environments, build lasting ties and relationships, stimulate and grow individual talents.
Samantha Gamberini has been a consultant and trainer for over 15 years. A graduate in law and training sciences, she holds a master's degree in gender studies and equal opportunity policies. As an expert in communication, conflict management and negotiation, she has also been working for some time on issues related to gender differences and work-related stress. She is the author of 11 books and numerous articles for leading magazines.