Iris Ceramica Group

How we built "a great group"

“I strongly believe that innovation means courageously creating a demand for a new product, especially when we can make our clients, architects, interior designers and builders pleased with the design and quality that they can experience and achieve using our collections. Even when we have to recreate, redesign or redevelop an existing product, our R&D department carefully study the projection and impact that this changes can cause onto the market. This concept combined with good strategies and outstanding quality, creates the best approach that company can have towards the future. New lifestyles require new products, and these ones develop the story of the tile industry. Indoor and outdoor spaces of homes, offices and public spaces are constantly having more options of design and new techniques, transforming the way in which materials are used. The future holds great things for those who believe, innovate and rethink their concepts, as for the products, they’re going to be expressions of these beliefs.” Romano Minozzi Founder

Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of high quality porcelain products for residential, commercial and industrial architecture.
A group that is identified by its talents and that combines the excellence of products made in Italy worldwide.
Iris Ceramica Group companies have preserved the spirit of their founder over time, the attitude to work, invention and inspiration that Romano Minozzi has also transmitted in his DNA to his daughter, Federica, now Managing Director. The founder’s wish is to guarantee the development of each of his activities, by respecting their specific nature and autonomy, providing the resources needed to plan, produce and launch their products and services on the market. But, above all, to go one step further.

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For your spaces. And for everyone’s environment.
For every human, protecting nature is a bit like protecting oneself.
For the Iris Ceramica Group sustainability means protecting the environment,
respecting legislation, fighting pollution and setting ambitious targets that can lead the Group towards new achievements and, as a result, new and important improvements.
A home should be a place of psychological well-being, in perfect harmony with nature. So man’s ‘artificial’ spaces become a part of the natural environment, according to an idea directly inspired by the classical harmony of man and nature. Innovation is therefore inextricably linked with ethics and moves together with it, step by step, creating improvements that are not only steps forward for individuals, but changes for the whole of humanity.



Innovation and continual improvement are a priority in the operational activity of the Group companies. Researchers continue to experiment in research laboratories and to create new horizons for porcelain product applications. They offer ideas and intuitions that become industrial creations, but also the results of advanced research, as in the case of Active: a totally avant-garde solution for a more sustainable world.

“Innovation becomes not only an aim, but the engine that drives a new strategy, a common thread that combines the forces focussed on changes inside and outside businesses.”
Romano Minozzi

There is a great deal of automation in production processes and experimentation of the most advanced technologies. Avant-garde machinery and a careful quality control system ensure the high standards of the Iris Ceramica Group. The location of production plants in the most important countries worldwide, a widespread distribution network and highly specialised retailers, guarantee maximum client satisfaction in both the private and contract sector.