ICG RenaisScience Hub


A tangible example of Iris Ceramica Group’s clear mission - to reengineer ceramics to improve the interaction between humans and the environment - the new technological and scientific hubis a pioneering space where science is applied to ceramics to develop unique projects and solutions.


The very name of the ICG RenaisScience Hub embraces the intention to promote an authentic Ceramic Renaissance through Scientific Research. The approach to ceramics underlying the project goes way beyond all conventional standpoints.

Here, ceramics are treated as an intelligent material, overcoming the concept of an inert material or finished product, paving the way for previously unexplored technological developments and interpretations of ceramics.


Created in partnership with the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, the hub will investigate the new standards of Industry 5.0 - the “collaborative industry” - and its goals include the development of solutions integrated with ceramics and for ceramics, with particular attention to the logistics and packaging system.

ICG RenaisScience Hub promotes a culture of innovation based on a hybrid system of know-how and practices applied to the ceramics world, aiming to create solutions that improve people’s quality of life while reducing environmental impacts.

The space fosters cooperation between Iris Ceramica Group, research centres, businesses and professionals from different sectors and disciplines, including design, engineering and logistics.


Due to its pioneering nature, access to the hub is reserved for a team of multidisciplinary experts from the company - the Iris Ceramica Group Solutions engineers - and a group of researchers from Polifactory, Makerspace of the Politecnico di Milano.

The 800 sqm hub is divided into 4 different research areas: 
- Training & Workshop
- 3D Printing/Digital & Electronic Design

- Digital Manufacturing and Making
- Factory Testing Lab


ICG RenaisScience Hub is a real revolution in the ceramics industry, redefying the boundaries of innovation through the integration of digital, electrical and advanced production technologies. In this context, the close collaboration between Iris Ceramica Group and the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano is fundamental to fuel innovation and achieve more ambitious results.


The opening ceremony on 21st June was attended by the Councillor for Economic Development and the Green Economy of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Vincenzo Colla, the Mayor of Castellarano, Giorgio Zanni, alongside Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group, Prof. Stefano Maffei representing the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano and Claudio Bizzaglia, Project Management & Engineering Director of Iris Ceramica Group.