Where creativity meets innovation and tailor-made tradition

Tailor-made craftsmanship: ICG Atelier is an example of excellence, where ceramic know-how blends with art and experimentation, bringing life to unique pieces that meet the demands of the most discerning customers. The constant innovation and evolution of processes is part of the Group’s DNA; we are constantly committed to re-engineering ceramics in order to supply solutions that improve the interaction between humans and the environments they live in.


Craft skill

We make unique, tailor-made ceramic goods, designed for interior design, with the crafted quality that comes from the experience and skills acquired over time. The team of expert craftsmen, marble cutters and glassmakers work competently and carefully every day, transforming and processing ceramic slabs.


Service marked by excellence and exclusivity

At the ICG Atelier, our highly qualified staff create high-end pieces for both display purposes and for contract and bespoke needs. Exclusive ceramic creations based on a totally unique service. Excellence in interior design and the craft quality of its creations, the atelier is an example of a unicum where artistic ceramic skills make it possible to meet any request.


Experience and know-how

ICG Atelier was set up with the aim of testing large 6- and 12-mm thick slabs for interior design and furnishing applications, including furniture, tables, sinks and furnishing complements. The experience gained by the craftsmen working there has, over time, ensured that their unique know-how can be applied to meet the increasing demand for high-quality, precision artisanal artefacts. The staff, mostly marble cutters, glassmakers and artisans, have increased, as has the use of the machinery installed in the atelier.


Creativity and Innovation

Starting from designs produced by architects and designers, the slabs to use are selected and then the structures are made. After cutting, the slabs are applied to the chosen load-bearing structure and then trimmed and finished. The techniques used, as well as the machinery and equipment, are similar to those used to process marble and glass. The innovation of the materials created by the Group is also the result of the experience gained in the ICG Atelier, which enhances the tradition and aesthetic qualities of ceramics, inspiring their constant evolution.


Pioneering machinery and equipment

Every artefact is finished down to the finest detail, and always has unique features relating to the craft skill of the work performed. The use of pioneering machinery, along with the experience gained over time, guarantee the impeccable finish of every single piece. Depending on the design, the load-bearing structures that bring life to the tailor-made product are “dressed” in the selected ceramic slabs, cut with discs or hydrojet technology on numerical control machinery to ensure that the patterns on the material are continuous. Finally, using glues and putties expertly coloured to match the slabs, each unique artefact is assembled and finished completely by hand.

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