Porcelaingres produces exceptional ceramics at one of the most modern plants in Europe, in a well-known area of Germany, land of the Hohenzollerns and the kings of Prussia. The founder of the Iris Ceramica Group began to become interested in the German market towards 2001 with the aim of bringing the Group’s know-how to the country, and focussed his attention on Vetschau, a small town near Berlin. In Porcelaingres, technology and environmental sustainability combine in perfect, almost symbiotic, harmony. The company produces top quality porcelain stoneware collections, ceramics that can be used for the widest possible range of solutions, including unusual ones: for office areas, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, external spaces like ventilated facades or large floor areas. There is a wide, versatile range of colours, surfaces, formats and structures, able to meet every client need.

The Porcelaingres team is always up to date, thanks to constant contact with clients, architects and designers both in their workshops and at their headquarters or offices, and focusses on creating innovative, eco-sustainable solutions. The company has an avant-garde plant, one of the largest in Europe by type and size, allowing it to recycle broken and rejected pieces, to purify and re-use water and to produce the energy needed for production independently.

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