SapienStone is the Iris Ceramica Group brand that designs and creates porcelain stoneware kitchen tops. In SapienStone products attention to design and aesthetics, but, above all, to their daily use, is clear. Innovation in terms of attention to functionality and well-being, together with sustainability, are SapienStone’s fundamental values.

The name "SapienStone" is no coincidence: it expresses the elements that characterise this innovative product. Offering "intelligent stone" is the challenge that the brand has taken up and won. Thanks to their quality, SapienStone products offer a unique user experience.

Without a doubt SapienStone represents the most ambitious of challenges for the Iris Ceramica Group founder. It has spread ceramic know-how to the world of kitchens, providing a product with elegant design that is also healthier. SapienStone solutions offer endless advantages that were unthinkable until recently, closely linked to the demands of contemporary living: resistance to high temperatures, stains, chemical products and scratches.

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