Ariostea has developed in-house know how that has made it one of the leading companies in the sector: all the technologies used are developed, designed and built directly by the company. Technology, quality and respect for the environment are watchwords at Ariostea. In all the company processes, respect for the environment is always a priority. In 2007 Ariostea launched ‘ceramic’ wood on the market, which imitated natural raw material without cutting down trees and with a performance that made it suitable for even the most extreme conditions.

The Ariostea brand has been part of the Iris Ceramica Group since1988. It is one of the Group’s companies where attention to technology inextricably linked to innovation is most evident. Ariostea perfectly interprets the Group’s philosophy and continues to pursue innovation, offering top quality products whose hard-wearing, long-lasting nature make them sector leaders. The company was a pioneer in the study of avant-garde production solutions and specialises in the production of high-tech full-body porcelain slabs created exclusively with natural raw materials carefully researched and selected from all over the world.

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