ICG Gallery Berlin


Iris Ceramica Group inaugurates a new ICG Gallery in the heart of Berlin, in the famous Auguststrasse in the Mitte district. A new location and an innovative concept have inspired this exhibition space, combining art and technology.



ICG Gallery
Auguststrasse 6
10117 Berlin

The new Gallery in Berlin is connected by an invisible thread to the restyled ICG Gallery in London - with which it shares the call of the art world - speaking a more personal aesthetic language in harmony with the Berlin district where it is located.


In the splendid Auguststrasse, also known as the “art district”, the new ICG Gallery Berlin expresses all the creative potential of Iris Ceramica Group through its high-end ceramic surfaces, which become interactive tools for going on a journey into the Company’s world of values, far beyond the classic concept of a retail space.   

The founding values with which the Group transforms its galleries into a tangible experience are innovation in creating pioneering solutions, attention to detail to ensure excellent quality and a strong sustainable imprint.


Entering the ICG Gallery in Berlin becomes an immersive journey through the real and the virtual, inspiring and guiding discussion among design professionals. The entrance itself is an invitation to creativity: visitors are immediately welcomed by a wall with a mix of colours and textures designed to inspire unique combinations. A large technical/ludic area is entirely dedicated to the creation of mood boards and invites visitors to draw on a rich Material Library offering the possibility of creating endless, personal combinations by matching ceramic surfaces.


The journey continues in an area devoted to dialogue and well-being: the meeting room, the lounge area and the kitchen overlook the greenery of the internal courtyard, marked by an interior design in which ceramics integrate into everyday life, applied to both coverings and furnishings, made interactive by the Hypertouch smart surfaces connected to the automation system.


Well-being and hygiene are guaranteed by the eco-active Active Surfaces®, which talk about their 4 superior properties in the ICG Play app. Through a virtual reality, visitors are carried into another dimension where they can discover all the health benefits offered by these materials for both indoor and outdoor use. In the kitchen, 4D Ceramics create a convivial space in line with the sustainability values that form the fourth dimension of ceramics.


The dialogue with the environment can clearly be seen in the terrace overlooking the garden in the internal courtyard, embraced by a small bamboo wood: an oasis of peace, where visitors can enjoy nature and examine the materials leisurely in the sunlight.