Although remaining faithful to its origins, which make it unique, i.e. Italian style, since 2005 Stonepeak has constantly reinvented the features of ceramics. Stonepeak constantly reinvents the features of ceramics, while remaining faithful to its Italian style. While never moving away from the culture and tradition of Italian ceramics, over the years Stonepeak has developed its own philosophy and unique style based on three principles: the clients and their needs, the Stonepeak team focussed on meeting them to the best of their abilities and the solutions offered. Today Stonepeak is one of the most important ceramic producers in America. It is an extraordinary combination of style, quality and innovation: pure Italian Style Made in the USA.

The company is guided by its aim of offering top quality ceramics, but also has the courage to analyse the targets it has reached, continually raising the bar to outdo itself each day. All Stonepeak collections stand out for their research into quality and functionality. New generation materials pay a great deal of attention to respect for the environment, certified by awards from important bodies like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which has recognised Stonepeak ceramics’ contribution to environmental sustainability in the buildings where it is used.

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