“In my opinion, Italian Genius is that typically Italian ability to rapidly understand the situation
and react in a highly creative manner to transform that situation in the best possible opportunity”
– Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group

Federica Minozzi stars in the 2023-24 edition of Italian Genius, the docu-series broadcast on RAI Play portraying some of the excellences of the Italian manufacturing world, known and loved around the world for their creative minds and innovating spirit.

An intimate, personal narration with two voices – also that of our President Romano Minozzi – describing the steps in their professional pathway and the challenges that have been overcome with perseverance and passion, the qualities that have always distinguished the pioneering character of Iris Ceramica Group.

A Family Business with deep cultural roots that has contributed to the development of a territory, a community and the country itself, with its love of that ancient, noble earth: Ceramics, the undisputed star of over 60 years of business history, recognised as the supreme expression of “know-how”.

“Ceramic materials must be interpreted in order to be applied in the best way, ensuring a better quality of life. […] I truly believe that we must see and use ceramics as a way of contributing to creating a more sustainable world all round.”  – Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group

Watch the episode on RAI Play.

The programme will be broadcast on the RAI Italia channel from 20 February next, at the following times:

NEW YORK/TORONTO 20/02/24 21.15 hrs
LOS ANGELES 20/02/24 18.15 hrs
BUENOS AIRES/SAN PAOLO 20/02/24 23.15 hrs
SYDNEY 21/02/24 23.45 hrs
BEIJING/PERTH 21/02/24 20.45 hrs
JOHANNESBURG 21/02/24 23.45 hrs
BERLIN 21/02/24 22.45 hrs
LISBON 21/02/24 21.45 hrs