As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Iris Ceramica Group, through its American subsidiary StonePeak Ceramics, has made a commitment to support The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated for over 60 years to the global conservation of the waters and lands on which life on our planet depends. A further step along the path of social responsibility and engagement in issues of environmental protection that the Group will present formally with the upcoming publication of its Sustainability Report.

Iris Ceramica Group, just a few days after the recent announcement of the achievement of “zero emissions” from the chimneys of its production plants for large ceramic slabs, announces another important accomplishment in its path of Corporate Social Responsibility.

As part of the concrete actions taken since its establishment in support of environmental and social sustainability, starting this year the Group, through its American subsidiary Stonepeak Ceramics Inc., will offer support to The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a charitable organization established in Arlington, Virginia, which has worked since the 1950s to protect ecosystems, the environment and nature.

TNC pursues its objectives by working directly with communities and through partnerships with businesses, governments, institutions and other non-profit organizations.

The initiative is part of a programme of social and environmental welfare that will be communicated in detail in the coming weeks with the publication of the Group’s first sustainability report. It is a project of the utmost importance to the Group’s ownership: “Iris Ceramica Group has always been at the forefront in making its environmental and social impact sustainable and in preventing pollution. This is also demonstrated by the recent zero emissions result achieved by our production plants for large ceramic slabs,” explains Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group. “Committing to support The Nature Conservancy is part of a broader social and environmental welfare programme that we will soon communicate with the publication of the Group’s first sustainability report. This programme works along two lines: the first in favour of our employees and their families, and the second aimed at broader-scale social and environmental interventions, an example of which is our support of TNC. We are delighted to support organizations whose primary mission is to protect the world we live in and to fight for a better future for all.”

Her words are echoed by Mark Way, Director of Global Coastal Risk and Resilience for The Nature Conservancy, who has enthusiastically welcomed the support of the holding company: “We are honoured to be able to rely on the support of Iris Ceramica Group and Stonepeak Ceramics. Their contribution will help us in our work on the conservation and restoration of important natural systems to enhance the resilience of coastal communities. We are confident that the collaboration will be fruitful and enduring.”

Specifically, Iris Ceramica Group and Stonepeak Ceramics will be supporting three of TNC’s initiatives. The first is to fight climate change by conserving the coastal wetlands and exploring financial mechanisms that promote “blue carbon” ecosystems. The second is to protect natural ecosystems such as mangroves, coral reefs, and wetlands, which are particularly useful and effective in reducing the greenhouse effect because they sequester carbon from the atmosphere much faster than forests are able to do. The third is increasing awareness of the important value of reducing the risk of calamitous natural phenomena by engaging at-risk communities and key stakeholders worldwide.

All the brands and companies in the Iris Ceramica Group are distinguished by its green philosophy. The StonePeak Ceramics plant in Crossville, Tennessee, which adheres to the LEED V4 protocol, is characterized by high tech production lines capable of reconverting almost all waste materials and waste water back into the production cycle. Its products are made with 100% natural minerals and contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The collaboration with TNC was made official with the screening of a video documentary at stand #3300 during the recent Coverings in Orlando, where the new collections of the Mediterranea brand were presented to the American public.