The Perfect Blend


For the Cersaie 2021, to celebrate the Group’s 60th anniversary, all the Iris Ceramica Group brands come together in a unique exhibition space to create a single narration: a choir of voices sharing the same founding values.

“The Perfect Blend. Foresighted Surfaces for a Sustainable Beauty” is the concept behind the Iris Ceramica Group exhibition at Cersaie 2021. An authentic journey developing over three areas, each with its own art-and-sound video-installation, focusing on three pairs of values that have always inspired and distinguished the Group brands:




Each combination tells of pairs of contents, translated into sounds and images, blended through an audio-video system to create a digital landscape. The result is a new visual and sound language in perfect harmony inspired by the underlying historical values, looking to the future, with the foresight the Group has always been renowned for.




Architecture combining technology and environmental sustainability is able to stimulate more significant interactions between humans and nature.

"Architecture and Nature" is represented through an inspiring installation in which ceramic materials and architectural structures dialogue with nature: a perfectly balanced encounter between humans and the Earth, part of the values and sustainable approach to production common to all the Group’s brands.

In the installation, the component structures of famous architectures from the modern world blend with forests and woods, essential natural elements of the landscape we live in.
Thrilling images that are enhanced by the musical notes of the cello, like the linear and sinuous tones architecture and nature are able to express.


Authentic beauty is one of the most significant expressions of the Iris Ceramica Group, along with the will to blend this value with sustainability.

"Beauty and Sustainability" is represented through a surprising tale of aesthetic and technological research leading to authentic beauty made of natural surfaces and textures, in an approach to production that lives in harmony with the environment.

In the installation, some famous artistic works merge with the powders and flakes of “Full Body” materials: the beauty of one enhances the special features of the other. The sound accompanying this story is the piano, chosen for its capacity to express both force and delicacy, emotions evoked in art itself.


Every day, the Iris Ceramica Group is committed to creating outstanding surfaces and coverings with high-tech characteristics.

"Creativity and Technology” is represented through a uniquely evocative scenario that enhances the ability of ceramic materials to blend design and innovation, with an eye on the future, and always respecting the environment.

In the installation, the images of the company’s production sites dialogue with the textures of marble and the grains of the surfaces produced by the Group’s Brands.
In harmony with the images, the accompanying soundtrack is created using a cryptographic system that translates the name Iris into sound.
The dominant musical instrument is the double bass, chosen for its strong sounds that evoke industrial environments.


Hypertouch is the innovative, concealed capacitive technology applied to ceramic surfaces that enhances design functions beyond imagination.

By lightly touching or pressing the Hypertouch ceramic surface an integrated system of home-automation sensors are activated to switch on and off lighting and audio-video devices, control doors and windows and set the room temperature.

Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of surfaces, eliminating unsightly cover plates and external switches. A technology that can change the atmosphere and bring the environment to life, interpreting a new way of designing interior spaces in line with contemporary living needs.

For the Cersaie 2021, an exclusive preview of Hypertouch is available as it is applied on the ceramic surfaces of the Group’s exhibition space to switch on and off the light and polarise the glass window of the meeting room, showing some of its main functionalities.

Hypertouch uses an exclusive technology, de­signed and patented by Iris Ceramica Group, and it is also available with the Active Surfaces® properties.


The ceramic surfaces ACTIVE SURFACES® of Iris Ceramica Group, tested according to ISO standards and patented internationally, exploit the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide combined with silver, transforming ceramics into an eco-active material with important properties:





For the Cersaie 2021, the eco-active ceramic surfaces ACTIVE SURFACES® are protagonists of the Iris Ceramica Group’s exhibition booth.


LUCE, designed by Guillermo Mariotto and presented exclusively at Cersaie 2021 by the Iris Ceramica Group, is the synthesis of the company’s innovative character and the creative talent of the designer, that together have brought to life a material that reinterprets classical elegance in a modern key.

LUCE is a surface with a thousand ever-changing and iridescent faces. An ambitious project, driven by the firm intention to make a mark by expressing the versatile and eclectic soul of ceramic materials. An authentic tale of creativity and innovation, ideal for commercial and residential settings and external façades, architectural projects and prestigious urban redevelopments.

For the Cersaie 2021, the ceramic surfaces of LUCE become protagonists of Iris Ceramica Group’s exhibition booth, creating an original space that combines the technical properties of ceramic materials with the lightness of preciuos textiles.

The LUCE collection is distributed for sale by Iris Ceramica, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces e Ariostea and it is also available with eco-active Active Surfaces®.

Collection: LUCE

Designer: Guillermo Mariotto

Sizes: 300x100, 100x100 cm

Thickness: 6 mm

Colours: Luce Pearl, Luce Black, Luce Blu, Luce Gold, Luce Silver, Luce Grey

Finish: natural