Showroom: FAB Castellarano
Year: 2014
Place: Via Guido Reni,2 Castellarano (Reggio Emilia), Italia
The FAB Architectural Bureau of Castellarano is the first Graniti Fiandre multi-functional space. FAB Castellarano, designed by Bertone Design, has a square metre exhibition area featuring an exclusive selection of porcelain surfaces for floors, walls, façades and furnishing. It deals with the theme of architecture through a brand-new interdisciplinary approach.

FAB Castellarano, whose design was curated by Bertone Design, exposes on a surface of over one thousand square meters an exclusive selection of porcelain stoneware surfaces for floors, walls, facades and furniture. FAB Castellarano works in parallel both in the professional field, offering advanced solutions to designers and companies, and in the cultural field, involving national and international representatives linked to the world of architecture, design, communication and art, contributing to the establishment of a virtuous circulation of information.

Every year the spaces of FAB in Castellarano house prestigious events centred on architecture, art, cuisine and sustainability. The exhibition space also hosts training courses developed in collaboration with a wide range of professional associations.

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