FAB Berlin

Showroom: FAB Berlin
Year: 2015
Place: Sarotti Hofe/Mehringdamm 53-57 Berlin – Kreuzberg, Germania
FAB Berlin is located in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, one of the most interesting boroughs in the German capital. FAB Berlino prende vita proprio qui, lungo una delle arterie di riferimento che è Mehringdamm, all’interno della ex fabbrica di cioccolatini Sarotti di fine XIX° secolo. Its industrial style, with exposed brickwork, overlooking a large inner courtyard, makes this area of over 1000 sq.m. particularly picturesque and atmospheric.

The location is no coincidence, but is a testimony of the Iris Ceramica Group’s commitment to promoting ceramic products on the Berlin and German architecture scene.

Every year the exhibition space hosts a plethora of events on the themes of architecture, design and sustainability, welcoming architects, engineers, designers, photographers and lovers of beauty from all over the world.

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