Ariostea Carrara Showroom

Showroom: Ariostea Carrara
Year: 2017
Place: Via Aurelia, 3D Carrara Italy
An Ariostea showroom designed by the Marco Porpora architecture firm has opened on the important Via Aurelia, between the Apuan Alps and Marina di Carrara. Ariostea is putting itself to the test by taking large ceramic tiles to a place that is renowned for marble quarrying and processing.

The showroom is divided into two areas with different functions and appearances, which merge into each other to create a harmonious setting that can be used freely. The first area unequivocally showcases the technical features and possible uses of Ultra technology, recreating the effect of quarried blocks in the various colours of the Marmi collection.

The second contains wall tiles with a continual grain. They provide a backdrop to a large rotating portal that is entirely made of tiles, as well as other, more minute decorative applications and accessories that are spread across Carrara pebble flooring.

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